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best bookkeeping for construction

The first step is understanding your business and your goals so we can create a finance package that works for you. On the surface, double-entry bookkeeping may sound complicated, but it is a more structured and systematic approach and gives you a more comprehensive view of your accounts. Double-entry bookkeeping is used where businesses have a high volume of transactions or more complex transactions. Double-entry has two equal and opposite sides – debit and credit. You should consult your own professional advisors for advice directly relating to your business or before taking action in relation to any of the provided content. FreeAgent accounting has a good level of support with training webinars, knowledge base articles and the option to book a call with a support agent.

best bookkeeping for construction

Our standardized processes and decent Project Management system helps to communicate with you clearly and efficiently. We deal with VAT very closely for our clients to ensure that VAT claim is correctly calculated and Submitted Timely. Fill out our checklist to complete the Setup of your Cloud Software in a day. Make sure all invoices are correct by matching the work done with the corresponding invoice number. By submitting this form, you agree to the processing of personal data according to our Privacy Policy. If you’re not already using Xero, our team will get you up and running and train you on all aspects of Xero so you can use it with confidence.

Why Construction Accounting is Different

When you are filling out your CIS tax return, you can make a claim for expenses that HMRC deem allowable. As the list is exhaustive, to say the least, a few of the most common CIS expenses you can claim include purchase receipts, bank statements, mileage, CIS earnings statements and invoices. It would be difficult to run a successful business while managing your retail accounting accounts at the same time as staying on top of all the complicated legislation. You could end up wasting lots of your valuable time, time that could be spent on what you do best – running your business. Unless you already have experience, you may be forgiven for thinking that accounting for construction workers and the construction industry as a whole was easy.

  • You have to consider the specific skill set you need, as well as their experience and price.
  • The dashboard is very visual and puts key data such as income, expenses and profit and losses in understandable graphs as soon as you log in.
  • This exercise has a few important functions including making sure you are not overspending and ensuring your pricing or estimating is correct.
  • However, if you can choose an accountant that is a specialist in your sector, the chances are they can help you more quickly and thoroughly, than one who is not.
  • Xero is more sophisticated and offers free Hubdoc access for invoice processing, while its own snap-and-scan function is great for expenses.
  • We’ll also offer a comprehensive guide to successful construction accounting, including the three areas to focus on to help you grow and run a successful construction business.
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CIS accounting software will automatically calculate the CIS you should withhold for contractors when you enter the invoices they provide to you. At the end of the month, you will see their total deductions listed on a CIS payment and deduction statement. Intuitive job management software designed for tradesmen by tradesmen. Quotes, schedules, invoices, timesheets, GPS tracking and seamless integration. Xero is beautiful accounting software which helps you manage your day-to-day accounts, process expenses, bills and invoices.

Cash-Basis Accounting

One feature Xero offers is 24/7 support, although through our research of the software we discovered that it’s unclear what Xero’s promise of “24/7 support” actually means. Its website is full of helpful guides and instructional videos, but things are much less clear-cut when it comes to getting help from an actual human. All plans come with award-winning support, an intuitive mobile app, over 700 app integrations, and there isn’t a contract in sight. Under billing is the exact opposite of overbilling and happens when a contractor falls behind on the billing cycle. Say, for example, you complete 30% of the project, but only bill for 20% — the 10% difference would then be the under billed amount. Once you choose Accurox, you don’t need awkward conversations or prepare countless documents.

best bookkeeping for construction

Better decision making By having quicker and easier access to this real-time data allows you to make key business decisions quicker. This again, can help with making those key business decisions, quickly and efficiently. Can be used company-wide Dashboards can be a great way for any member of your team to access the real-time information that they need.


Most construction companies charge a deposit to cover base costs such as materials required. As a specialist construction company, the initial deposit may be higher as you need to rent specialist equipment or source individuals with the right skillset. It ensures you don’t go bust if your client fails to pay (we’ll talk about the delicate balance between over and underbilling a bit later). All-in-one project management software for larger projects, with job costing, quotes, time tracking, invoices and more. Keeping a thorough record of your invoices and receipts is not only a legal requirement.

  • And when it comes to construction accounting, there can be a few different approaches.
  • Some of the bookkeeping software that we use are QuickBooks, Net Suite, Quicken, CSA, Peachtree, MYOB, Sage, Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax and Intuit’s Pro Series.
  • That’s where we excel – helping construction businesses achieve their goals.
  • Builders need different items at different times when working on a construction project.
  • Being able to properly process invoices is a vital part of running any business, and in the construction industry the number of monthly invoices that need processing can be very high.
  • The CIS accounting software will automatically calculate how much CIS you should withhold.
  • This means that construction accounting will vary and requires different processes.

Not only does it allow you to record and reconcile day-to-day transactions, but it also allows you to send quotes and invoices from the system and manage your VAT and CIS returns digitally. You keep track of transactions in physical books, journals or ledgers and file receipts, invoices and bank statements in files or folders. Most modern bookkeeping software is cloud-based and will work on Mac or PC, but make sure you know what security measures are in place that not only backs up your data but keeps it safe.

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