Make any burrito wet add $1.65. Add rice & beans for $3.00.
Bean and Cheese Burrito

Beans, cheddar and jack cheese
Shredded Chicken Burrito

Shredded chicken simmered in our spicy red tomato sauce. Choice of rice or beans.
Beef Buritto

shredded beef with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes
Mixed Burrito

Shredded beef and beans
Fish Burritos (Battered)

Tartar sauce, cabbage and salsa fresca
Supreme Burrito (Veggie)

Beans, cheese, sour cream, rice, lettuce and salsa fresca
Chile Relleno Burrito

Beans, cheese and sour cream
Pollo Asado Burrito

Guacamole and salsa fresca
Conga Burrito

carne asada or pollo asado with rice and beans
Carnitas Burrito

guacamole salsa fresca
Carne Asada Burrito

Guacamole and salsa fresca
Al Pastor Burrito

Guacamole and pico de gallo
Fajitas Burrito

Carne asada or pollo asado with guacamole, sauteed bell peppers, onion and potatoes
California Burrito

Carne asada , fries, cheese and salsa fresca
Shrimp Burrito

Ranchero or diablo sauce, rice and sour cream
Surf & Turf Burrito

Rice, sour cream, guacamole, steak and shrimp

Beef, chicken, carne asada or pollo asado